Bookmundi is a travel booking portal allowing for easy booking of thousands of tours and holiday packages world wide.

Bookmundi is distinct from other travel operators in that we both deal with thousands of day tours, and multiday tours.

Aside from allowing for direct booking of tours and travel packages, our system also features a real-time chat and receive-quote environment allowing customers to easily get a quote for their favourite tour.

In certain destinations around the world we've also deployed a feature allowing customers to within 3-4 hours to receive 3-5 travel quotes for their chosen destination. This system has just been deployed for trekking in Nepal, Safaris in Tanzania, and climbs to Mt. Kilimanjaro.

All tours and holiday packages at Bookmundi are supported by a Best Price Guarantee. Our customers are therefore always sure that they get the best price.

We have furthermore worked very hard to ensure a very user friendly design where even grandma should be able to book her favourite tour.