In 2003, Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc created and marketed a women's magazine called Voice Magazine for Women in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. In 2012, Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc expanded into book publishing and acquired the brands Mountain Girl Press, Little Creek Books, Express Editions, DigiStyle and RoseHeart Publishing.

Mountain Girl Press was created in 2005 as a small press aimed at publishing quality fiction written by the women of Appalachia. Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc. continues this imprint with the mission  to publish fiction and short stories that celebrate the wit, humor and strength of both old-time and modern Appalachian women.

Our other imprint Little Creek Books strives to continue to offer publishing for a diverse selection of authors from a wide variety of genres including romance, children's books, poetry, mystery, historical fiction, science fiction and more. Another imprint, Express Editions, offers authors with expertise to share "how-tos"  and spiritual guidance. While our newest imprint, DigiStyle, gives authors a venue to publish their works for the virtual world.