Books by Joan is a small press offering select books in genres: romantic suspense, paranormal romance, thrillers, mainstream novels, memoirs and other nonfiction.
Currently, we are announcing: The Long Walk by Ruth Treeson, an autographical novel of young Rutka's capture by the Nazi's, her release and journey to the US; Faces in the Mirror: Oscar Micheaux and Spike Lee by John Howard, tracing these two producer/directors careers; East Wind by Jack Winnick, a thriller throwing Lara, an FBI agent and Uri an Israli field agent against those who would blow up US cities; two romances by Olivia Clair High, Crystal Angel (romantic suspense) and Rose Cottage (paranormal romance); Love Tag by Peter Shianna, a passionate mainstream novel; two memoirs: Blessed: My Battle with Brain Disease by former nun Mary Stevens and Englehardt: The Story of a Woman by Gisela Englehardt Riedinger; CATS a collection of short stories about cats by various authors; An Agent Speaks: A Primer for Unpublished Authors by former agent, Joan West; and Call of the Loon, a woman's mainstream novel of career and romance also by Joan West.
Books by Joan is a new press catering to only a few authors who we consider to be the best selling writers of the future.