Roger Grubbs has embarked upon a marvelous journey.  He is the proud owner of his very own publishing company.  This is not just any book publisher, but one that puts the emphasis on the readers.  Yes.  Like any author, he longs for the day of having that “#1 Best Seller”, but that’s not his main goal in writing.  Roger would rather have one reader that is totally satisfied with his works than millions who view those novels as being so-so.  
    Remembering his school days, Roger trudged through one boring story after another – not because he wanted to, but because it was required reading.  After enduring those unpleasant tasks, he is determined to avoid placing his readers in a similar situation.  A driving force to fulfill this dream is evident in his many novels.  
    Equipped with a unique talent, Roger watches the story play out in his mind like a movie. His life-long experiences, along with his compassion for mankind, have provided him with the tools needed to create stories that are adventurous, thrilling, passionate, suspenseful, and entertaining.  
    The motivating factor behind Roger’s writing is to entertain his readers.  His motto is simple.  “I want my readers to be eager to continue the story, long for the ending, and – when the experience is over – be happy they took the time to ready my book.”  After all, reading can and should be enjoyable.
    Thank you for taking the time to consider the many novels of Roger D. Grubbs, now available in e-books, as well as print format.