Nikki Smith is an artist, a mother, and an entrepreneur.  Her artwork is featured in numerous publications including a six page spread in the Spring 2013 issue of Somerset Digital Studio magazine, the 2012 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors PAGES magazine, and as both a frequent artistic contributor and a featured columnist for Cloth Paper Scissors magazine where she writes an ongoing "Getting Technical" column with tutorials for artists.  "Guitar Siren", part of her signature series of music-inspired digital watercolors, has become a favorite piece at FineArtAmerica.com where it was featured on their home page out of more than 2.7 million entries of artwork from over 170,000 artists.

Nikki's Music Lover's artwork series has captured the hearts and imaginations of collectors worldwide traveling to new homes in nine countries.  Several pieces in this series have won awards including her self-portrait, "Music Was My First Love", which was voted the "Coolest Image in Music."  Nikki was awarded the FAA Artistic Merit Award, fondly referred to as the Tony Award, in 2013 in recognition of her artistic talents and contributions to the arts community.  

"I believe music and art have the power to move and inspire; to change the way we see the world.  I'm excited to see what lies around the next corner on this wonderful journey."

Follow Nikki on her blog, BookSmithStudio.com, purchase Fine Art prints on her website GuitarSiren.com, or connect via social media today to catch the first glimpse of new artwork in her award winning collections.