Boole Server, our multi-award winning secure data sharing and collaboration solution, is an innovative, secure and scalable system designed to safeguard any sensitive data, while allowing it to be shared with staff, partners and customers as, how and when needed.

Boole Server uniquely controls the level of access of each user to each data file or folder in a dynamic and granular manner, applying a persistent data centric security via military grade encryption.
With Boole Server, organizations can ensure that their confidential information and intellectual property will not be forwarded or improperly used, stolen or lost in transit or on the server either through malicious action or human error as only authorized users and recipients can access, edit, copy, print and/or view or view specific individual protected files, folders and/or text according to the granted rights. Also, Boole Server keeps records of everything that happens to each file and the activity of each user, allowing organizations to run audits whenever they are required, for internal knowledge or for compliance needs.

Currently distributed in over 30 countries worldwide through a fast growing partners’ network, Boole Server is rapidly becoming the trusted data platform across many industries in the most diverse use. At present a number of the most diverse organizations are using Boole Server for tens of thousands of users around the world.