Acheve Consulting:  Acheve Consulting Inc. helps aspiring entrepreneurs learn how to start a business and early stage entrepreneurs grow their businesses through its small business consulting and books.,   Acheve also consults with colleges and entrepreneurial support agencies and organizations  to plan, develop and launch programs to assist entrepreneurs and advance economic development in their communities. How do we do this? Through consulting services, books and resources specifically targeted to these two audiences: •Entrepreneurs and colleges and entrerpeneurial support organizations.  

•Through our "Entrepreneurs" division, we provide resources directly to entrepreneurs. Buyers of BoomerPreneurs: How Baby Boomers Can Start Their Own  Business, Make Money and Enjoy Life may also choose from among several one-on-one coaching packages designed to provide individualized guidance and support.
•Through our "Colleges & Entrepreneurial Support Organizations" division, we provide textbooks to colleges and workshop materials to entrepreneurial support organizations. Sites purchasing Opportunity Analysis, Business Ideas:  Identification and Evaluation or BoomerPreneurs to offer classes/workships will receive an Instructor Guide to accompany books.   Also our team of veteran consultants is available to work with your organization as you plan, develop and implement programs designed to stimulate business development and promote economic growth in your community.
For more information, e-mail mbizard@consultACH.com or call 913-522-6184 (US).