Benincasa & Associates, Inc., is a unique company offering completely Boomer-centric services, including Personal and Business Transitions Coaching, an ecommerce store designed to respond specifically to Boomers' lifestyle & consumer needs, and a highly successful radio show out of Tampa Bay, FL, Boomer Nation! on WGUL 860 AM (nationally: www.860wgul.com).  

Business Coaching includes helping organizations eliminate cross-generational turmoil (Boomers/Millennials/GenX’ers), develop programs for capturing and keeping Boomers’ extensive knowledge/skill-sets (so those key elements don’t leave with each retiring Boomer), and teaching businesses how to market to the extremely lucrative Boomer Buyer.  

Personal Coaching includes giving Boomers the tools and inspiration to ease smoothly through the life transitions so prevalent to this generation: moving to that next career stage; deciding how to have a quality retirement; being newly singled; helping parents of teens (all Boomers) learn the strategies that will make those tumultuous years far more enjoyable.

All of this is driven by B&A's Founder & CEO, Terri Benincasa, a nationally known Boomer expert and proud Boomer herself.  Her Boomer expertise is drawn from her dedication over the last seven years to studying the evolving needs, trends, and latest research on all things related to the baby boomer generation, from what "turns us on" to "what bums us out"...Terri holds a double Masters in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University, and has over 20 years of business management/ownership & Coaching experience.