From the dance floor to the worldwide App Store, Katarina Lynn, also known as Kat, has worked her way to the top using nothing but her love of God and dance. At the age of 30, Kat has been a dancer, choreographer, personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

Kat started dancing at the age of 3 in St. Joseph, Michigan and continued at a very young age onto Indiana University where she had the opportunity to perform and work with professional dancers such as; Amanda McKerrow New York City Ballet, classes with Jurgen Schneider who was previously Mikhail Baryshnikov's coach (a famous Russian dancer with the American Ballet Theatre (ABT) and New York City Ballet), classes with Audri Mendel of the NYC Ballet, classes with John Pierre Bonneafux and Patricia McBride (retired from ABT), and classes with Fred Walton at Bloomington School of Dance who choreographed for Paula Abdul and “Rhoda” on Mary Tyler Moore. She founded the rOc Dance Ministry in 2009. As her passion for Christ has matured God has opened the door to her new ministry, HAWK KREW.

H.A.W.K., Heavenly Addicted Worshiping Krew, is about molding all styles of dance into a new creation. HAWK is a crew that YOU can be a part of! Kat’s vision is to allow kids and young adults, from anywhere in the world, to be a part of “something big.” THEY become HAWK KREW as they learn Kat’s dance set’s. You'll learn timing, balance, and coordination as well as how to bring out your own style and your own creative move set all while learning to glorify the ultimate creator, Christ, and not ourselves.

Combining dance into fitness, Kat has been certified Personal Trainer through International Sports Sciences Association since 2006 and loves to share the value of health and fitness even through dance. Kat has just come out with her very own instructional video’s on the App Store, ‘Dance Hip Hop’ and ‘Dance Workout” with more to come.

Being a dancer and personal trainer, it seemed only natural as the next step in her career to take on instructing and competing ballroom dancing. Learning from only the best, Pro Champion and studio owner, Josie Lopez-Clark. Together Josie and Kat share a strong relationship with God and develop never before seen business ideas with dance and fitness.  She says she believes that God put her on the path she was always meant to be on.

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