Boost Radio Network is an internet talk-radio station that debuted its talk radio line-up in January 2014.  It was started by two radio talk show hosts who became frustrated with the high costs and limited listenership of terrestrial AM radio, but were not impressed with the alternative platforms presently available like the Blog type internet radio or podcasting.  So an entirely new type of internet radio platform was born... an internet radio "STATION"!  The high-end, professional alternative to Blog type radio, but with a twist.

Boost keeps a terrestrial radio station feel and culture but with national appeal and exposure. There is also a difference in quality control.  Not just anyone who pays gets to be on the air.  Boost is keeping its standards very high and similar to terrestrial radio stations.  

Because of its great broadcasting technology Boost does not have the lag times, nor the forced commercials to watch before someone can listen to a program. Boost has physical radio studios in New Jersey, but can broadcast pre-recorded or remote live shows from anywhere in the world with a quality internet connection.  And with the help of social media and the combined effort of all of our shows and hosts, Boost Radio has become THE go-to internet talk radio station in the nation!