BornSharp is a maker of precision grooming instruments, founded in 2012 in Santa Barbara, California. We create exceptional products through purposeful design.

BornSharp's Automated Self-Sharpening Razor System (SRS) represents the first comprehensive new technology in non-disposable shaving in over 50 years, a breakthrough made possible by incorporating the world’s first application of precision robotics to the shaving and grooming sector. The SRS includes a razor and a specialized sharpening port that keeps a blade sharp for five years, at which time a new blade can be inserted. The firm has filed a patent with 18 unique patent-pending claims.

The BornSharp Automated Self-Sharpening Razor System combines the best of classic straight and double edge razors—durability and an incomparably smooth shave—with electronically controlled sharpening technology—virtually eliminating the need for disposable razors.

The BornSharp razor is the first truly automatic self-sharpening razor system. The razor is returned to the sharpening port after a shave, where the blade is automatically extended, sharpened, disinfected, and returned to its pre-set location. The system is quick, easy and safe.
The SRS uses the same sophisticated microcontroller chip and specialty precision motors found in 3D printers. In the SRS, the system resurfaces the blade between shaves. We're the first to bring precision robotics to the grooming sector; before now it simply wasn't practical to engineer the kind of micro-precision controlled movements needed for daily resurfacing. We believe the public is going to love the results. Our razor is designed to eliminate irritation and reduce the inconvenience of shaving, restoring some of the indulgence and ritual to the daily shave.