Life Strategies Coaching is a unique process. You will be "re-powering" your life and those challenges or obstacles you once had will begin to disappear. As your life strategies coach, I am guiding you through different exercises and processes to help you find the root of your concerns. Finding out what is truly blocking you from those goals is our way of helping change the perceptions you may have. We will work on re-framing your thought process and change the way you experience the world. This is your journey to a new outlook and way of life.  This process involves some introspection and asks some valuable questions to allow you to explore and learn about yourself. When you get to know yourself, you find the strength you were looking for. You find a way to harness that strength and focus it on the things you want to achieve and overcome. Born to Win's goal is to help you "reclaim your inner champion."

Born to Win Life Strategies Coaching in Billings, Montana, is owned and operated by Jody Bergstrom. A certified life strategies coach, Bergstrom offers unique insight and techniques to help you overcome obstacles in your life. We don't operate in the same way as traditional life coaches, but we love to help people to become unstuck and find out what they truly need. We use methods life hemispheric integration, a technique that helps people utilize both sides of their brain to access information and solve problems. Our services are customized for each client. Our job is to help identify the what and why so you can face challenges head on.