BOSASA is a large group of companies, with a diverse range of service offerings and successful operations throughout South Africa. It was established in 1981 and boasts a remarkable track record of more than three decades.

The company began during South Africa’s most turbulent times but despite the looming oppression of Apartheid, BOSASA remained true to their values of equality and upliftment. This can be clearly seen not only by testament of staff members who through continual training and education programmes have been able to reach their full potential, but also from clients who have received outstanding service from the BOSASA Group’s many divisions.
The groups’ brands/divisions include:
•     BOSASA Integrated Facilities Management
•     BOSASA Risk Management Security
•     BOSASA Youth Development Centres
•     Kgwerano Fleet Services
•     Lindela Repatriation Centre
•     Sondolo IT

BOSASA always strives for service excellence in all its offerings, from large scale catering to security solutions and innovative management software. The company’s geographical footprint is now national and they also have several multi-national partnerships with key role players globally.

For more information feel free to contact us at:
Tel:  +27 11 662 6000
Email: info@bosasa.com