BBC Inc. provides a friendly, professional and thorough sales force for large companies to bridge the gap between them and smaller customers that other marketing channels can't reach.

Here are a few of the advantages to using BBC instead of your own in-house sales force:

1) Increased Sales

Sales is our core competency: it's what we do.  Just like on a sports team, each player has their own strengths and specialties--the same holds true in the business world. We have spent over a decade developing sales systems that are proven effective regardless of the type of product being sold.  Let us put those years of experience to use for you!

In recent trials with our sales reps competing against experienced in-house sales reps from 2 different Fortune 500 companies our sales reps outsold them 8:1! In other words, our sales reps signed up 8 customers for every 1 that their in-house sales reps did.

2)  Speed to Market

By having the structure and systems already in place BBC Inc. can implement a sales and marketing campaign 3-5 weeks faster than the average Fortune 500 company.

In the time it takes for a large corporation to develop the marketing plan, begin interviewing for the positions, hire the sales staff, train those individuals and find proper management, BBC Inc. has already been producing quality results for over a month!

3) Size and Scope

BBC Inc. nationwide generates an average of 5,000 new customers PER DAY for all of its clients.  This means that we have the capability to reach not only all corners of the US, but also all across the globe for the right clients.