BostonSight® has saved the sight of thousands of individuals suffering from ocular surface disease, corneal disease, injury, or damage with BostonSight PROSE™ treatment. Founded in 1992, the Needham, MA Center of Excellence includes a clinic, research center, state-of-the-art FDA-certified and ISO-compliant manufacturing lab, and patient and family support center. BostonSight SCLERAL was launched in 2017 to expand access to global scleral lens technology. Eye care practitioners achieve a fast, effective scleral lens fit that provides optimal vision and comfort for patients while attaining long-term eye health. SCLERAL-IG is the newest innovation in BostonSight’s portfolio, using image topography to map the eye for a truly custom scleral lens fit. BostonSight envisions a world where no one suffers loss of sight from corneal irregularities or ocular surface disease.