Bottled Ocean is a full service aquatic management solutions company, providing custom, innovative aquatic products and services for both commercial and residential projects. Headquartered in Orlando, Fla., Bottled Ocean’s clients span the globe and feature the industry’s most well-known custom aquariums and waterways, including the largest known Euryhaline exhibit at the Gaylord Palms in Kissimmee, Fla.

Bottled Ocean’s mission is driven by its unwavering commitment to impact conservation efforts and provide solutions to help protect our waterways, natural resources and fisheries around the world. In fact we believe our company’s success is directly tied to this mission.

We place great value on working closely with many environmental organizations, institutions and government agencies. Bottled Ocean provides valuable research through our work and exhibits to these organizations and is dedicated to providing solutions that will ultimately lead to more productive use of our precious waterways, reefs and wildlife for generations to come.

Through innovative research, development, and dedication to new technologies, Bottled Ocean will continue to push the envelope and strive to impact conservation efforts throughout the State of Florida and beyond.

Business Lines:
Custom Aquariums
Bottled Ocean has built its grass roots business by establishing itself as the designer of choice for professional, commercial and residential custom aquariums. We work closely with top designers, builders, and architects to create one-of-a-kind tanks. We also work with restaurants, nightclubs and commercial properties engineering and installing custom aquariums in existing structures. There are no limits on size or type of aquariums that can be conceived, so opportunities are endless.

Custom Coral
Bottled Ocean’s custom coral reef products are designed, sculpted and custom fit to any size aquarium giving each project a signature look and friendly home for fish. Manufactured using color-impregnated models that use no paint, Bottled Ocean’s innovative reef products look so real they have often been reported to the Florida Fish and Game Commission!

Aquatic Management and Consulting
Bottled Ocean creates aquatic management programs custom designed and tailored to each company’s needs. Whether it involves indoor or outdoor waterway management, algae control, manufacturing or national maintenance programs, Bottled Ocean can provide the necessary protocols and structure needed to ensure that your aquatic features are not only enhancing their environment, but also operate efficiently and are maintained properly resulting in cost savings to your company. We work closely with wildlife commissions and are licensed and permitted to handle and maintain a variety of marine life species that others cannot.

Aquatic Maintenance
The original concept for Bottled Ocean was founded from the lack of quality service and maintenance available in the Orlando area. Today, the company has a full maintenance department with several trucks on the road servicing the greater Orlando area and west to Lakeland. Our service includes weekly visits for saltwater customers and bi-weekly visits for freshwater customers. Our service technicians are trained in preventative maintenance procedures to ensure a proper healthy looking aquarium. We have certified scuba divers on staff for larger installations and corporate customers and provide a fish sitting service for clients that travel a lot.