The Bouari Clinic King of Prussia (KOP) prides itself on its approach to weight loss and wellness. Its proprietary supplements, medications, and methods have helped over 32,000 patients lose a great amount of weight in over 15 locations nationwide since 2007. Led by a team of PhD nutritionists and physicians, the Bouari Clinic team has developed FDA registered supplements in combination with prescription strength vitamins and natural medications that allow for the quickest and healthiest weight loss possible.

Patients lose weight when they combine the Bouari program methods with natural healthy foods found in every day grocery stores. Patients can go on the Bouari Clinic protocol from as little as 21 days to as much as 50 days, depending on how much weight the patient has to lose. During the entire program, patients receive the highest quality of vitamins (B12, B6, etc) and amino acids to aid in fat loss. At the same time, the body goes through a detoxifying process where all the "unhealthy" toxins that have accumulated through the years are flushed out of the body.

The team of physicians, nutritionists, and counselors at the Bouari Clinic KOP are always available and accessible throughout. Once patients join the clinic, they become members for life, without paying any membership fees, recurrent fees, or any hidden fees. In comparison to the various weight loss options available on the market, Bouari Clinic is the most efficient at helping patients lose weight naturally and detoxifying their bodies simultaneously. Unlike many weight loss options around, the Bouari Clinic does not offer prescription "diet pills" that are based on amphetamines and are very addictive with a history of known side effects. The Bouari Clinic does not sell prepackaged foods that are filled with preservatives and chemicals. These programs are a quick fix and do not teach the patient how to eat healthy for life. The program does not require any exercise, since many overweight people struggle to exercise to begin with. They do however encourage light walking and increased activity, but not strenuous exercise. Surgery is not an option. Although some extreme cases of obesity require surgery, it should be the very LAST resort. There are many side effects of bariatric surgery and patients do not get to enjoy food for the rest of their lives. As opposed to the Bouari protocol that allows patients to eat natural regular food once their new set weight point is achieved.