Paradigm Group is pleased to announce the launch in the market of Bountyhunters.io,  - an innovative blockchain based native advertising platform, which proposes to modify the influencer marketing market. The platform was created to help start-ups and existing companies increase awareness of their brands, as well as assist influencers (owners of social accounts) to monetize their social activities and content.

The key positioning points of the platform:  

- Specially designed to help companies make their product and brand known. It is already in the post-prototype stage, a functional beta-version that hosts over 12,000 active and pre-targeted influencers.  

- In-depth influencer marketing management features, that significantly simplify and reduce the costs of corresponding business processes (searching for influencers, targeting, processing pay-outs, etc.).

- Integrated tokenized environment that helps reduce budget losses by using, precise influencer-ranking algorithms as well as integrated escrow mechanisms, ensuring timely pay-outs for social media activities.

- Built-in analytical modules that gather real-time data for calculating conversion rates within the brand's sales funnel.

- At the moment it’s also an optimal solution for endorsing blockchain/crypto companies and attracting attention and capital for ICO startups, helping them grow customer base and generate leads and sales.

As the project founder, Mikhail Savchenko, comments: “We were faced with the need to develop our own product having encountered real problems in the advertising industry, particularly in the native advertising and influencer marketing environment. -  An almost complete lack of campaign analytics, and difficulties finding a high number of quality influencers in a short time frame. Up until now there has been no blockchain-based advertising solution that really works”.

Bountyhunters.io provides a real opportunity to make advertising campaigns more transparent from the point of view of ROI, CPA, and also reduces financial and time costs associated with the launch and management of their product. The platform has already passed the half-year prototype period with high-load testing in a real market environment and successfully helped blockchain projects (such as Blackmoon Crypto, Chronobank and, TAAS , etc) build relationships with the new audiences and promote their products/services.

Bountyhunters.io is now available to new influencers , please use the following link for registration and social media scoring - www.bountyhunters.io.