Bourque Industries is a publicly-traded advanced materials science company based in Tucson, Arizona, that develops and produces metal alloys and related product applications using our revolutionary metal-alloying process, Kryron.

Kryronized alloys have shown global potential for paradigm-shifting applications across a wide range of industries, including ballistic armor,
electrical, aviation, automotive, mining, medical devices, agriculture and heavy equipment, consumer electronics, and more.  Our fundamental
goal is to establish broad market penetration across a wide range of industries.

What We Do

   Create metal alloys using our proprietary Kryron metal-alloying technology.
   Conduct research & development to optimize Kryron alloys for specific applications.
   Produce and manufacture Kryron alloys and specific product applications to the highest quality standards.
   Develop marketing programs and strategies to penetrate industrial markets globally with Kryron alloys.
   Manage strategic partnerships, acquisitions, and product development to provide ancillary or complimentary products, systems and technology
   to further the use of Kryron alloys and products globally.

Intellectual Property Capability

   Bourque Industries subscribes to best business practices with focus on quality, cost, delivery, employees, mission, implementation of strategy
   deployment  and lean manufacturing techniques.
   Multiple US patents, Global Patents, Trademarks and Brands.
   US-based Manufacturing and Research and Development Center of Excellence in Tucson, Arizona.
   Demand is satisfied by in-house manufacturing and through management of strategic partnerships with industry leading companies.