Since the 1960's Bowles Fluidics Corporation has been a trusted partner in the design and manufacture of nozzles and systems for consumer spray, irrigation, shower head, and the automotive industries; creating a diverse portfolio of items designed and produced.

Bowles Fluidics is trusted by numerous globally recognizable brands to develop and improve their current product, from spray pattern through spray droplet size. Bowles Fluidics is a "Full Service Supplier" in the area of fluid flow products; offering services ranging from Conceptualizing and Development through Design and Tooling & Manufacturing.

Drawing upon our highly educated, skilled and capable staff comprised of Doctorate, Masters, PE professionals and other engineers, Bowles Fluidics has developed products and concepts using our state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

With a strong commitment to quality, competitive costs and the continued support of our customers, Bowles Fluidics is well into its fifth decade of growth and product expansion, meeting our goal of developing robust products at competitive prices while delivering 100% on time.

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