A monthly subscription for small batch home brewing.

Box of Brew was created to educate the passion, authenticity, pleasure, creativity, camaraderie, and joy of the brewing your own craft beer.

When visiting Boxofbrew.com you can expect to learn about all aspects of brewing amazing craft-brewed beer - not just how to better enjoy the beverage in your glass, but the processes behind brewing your beer.

Our goal is to energize and engage brewing craft beer and arm you with the resources to be active and educated appreciators of the ever-expanding craft beer movement.

How Much Does it Cost

For 15 bucks a month you can impress your friends, your girl, or even your dog with a craft beer brewed by you in your own kitchen. Every month, you’ll receive a different signature craft beer kit designed to your taste and delivered right to you.

What Do I Get

Each and every month, a different craft beer recipe, complete with all the ingredients, will be shipped to you. That’s right, all the ingredients needed to brew your own signature craft beer. Just add water!

How Does It Work

Easy! Sign up for a membership and you’ll be shipped a different craft beer recipe and complete with all the ingredients. And yes, it’s still cheaper than a twelver from the corner store. Best of all, it’s your own beer, and we all know, nothing tastes better than your own brew.