It's a big team effort. With volunteer experts and U.S. Host Companies, Bpeace has created a successful mentor program that reaches out to entrepreneurs running small and growing businesses in areas of conflict. We stimulate business growth by rolling up our sleeves and offering guidance, support and technical advice geared to foster employment and expansion.

Through a four-month competitive process every year, we select only entrepreneurs with momentum, not startups. We call them Fast Runners because they are in the best position to create jobs for others in their community.

Fast Runners who have been in the Bpeace program for more than a year, average 23% job growth and 34% revenue growth. This is significantly better than the GDP growth in their countries. 41% of our Fast Runners grew full-time jobs by more than 20%. 55% grew full-time jobs by more than 10%. 71% of Fast Runners maintained or grew full-time jobs. 55% grew full-time employment for women.

We operate like a pro bono consulting firm. Either by long-distance mentoring or by in-country visits, our volunteer experts share functional expertise in HR, finance and marketing; and industry-specific technical advice for industries ranging from food processing to technology. The Bpeace consulting toolbox also includes local staff with private-sector consulting experience, and Bpeace-arranged visits to U.S. Host Companies.

Enabling carefully selected entrepreneurs to create more jobs, especially for women, increases community capacity and stability--and reduces the poverty and desperation that so often seed violence.

Since 2002, Bpeace has proven that making a difference in an entrepreneur's business can be life changing for the entrepreneur, their employees and even for the person volunteering.