At Blue Planet Marketing we can develop an enterprise level road map to help forecast over the horizon in order to ensure survival and profit. We have depth in profit and loss experience. Dave Howell has had P/L responsibility in last 5 positions and held eight director positions on board of directors. We understand the right buttons to push, and levers to pull. With a broad background in operations, sales, and marketing we use these skill sets to help drive profit. We use tools and processes (OD, BPE, Lean 6-Sigma, and Agile) to strategically plan and tactically execute plans, policies and procedures to produce desired results.

Executive level marketing, communications and public relations form the bed rock for our marketing skill set competencies.

Our can provide you the interwoven alignment that includes initiatives and objectives and that are threaded through your vision and mission. This approach provides the alignment necessary for each level of the organization to execute their part of the objectives. A Management Control Plan, accompanied by departmental action plans hold everyone, at every level, accountable for delivery of goals.

Operationally, driving these plans through the organization includes production units, IT, and sales – this is the mastery of leadership that we can bring to bear on a company. The result of these efforts bring about higher margins through reduced pre-tax net expense, and top line growth.

Using Customer Lifecycle Management, Public Relations, advertising, interactive marketing, and traditional marketing strategies we increase brand awareness and position products and services.

Our competencies include the ability to devise, research, and evaluate programs, campaigns and product success in order to revise pricing decisions that optimize volume, quality, frequency and production goals.

Our goal is to meet and exceed profit and loss objectives that increase macro stream revenue, increase margins, and reduce expenses – the result is increased pre-tax income and greater shareholder wealth – the bottom line.


Business Process Engineering, unified resource processes, unified language modeling, senior leadership training, team building, facilitating and accelerating trust. Skills in BPE, organizational design (OD), change management, strategic planning, 6-Sigma, project management focusing on ROI, budgets and forecasts, marketing & sales, and operations.

Ability to align the business model, objectives, mission and vision using strategies that sync up with the KPIs and appropriate metrics.