Brag.me provides you with the tools people need to successfully create a digital presence.  Users of the brag.me service can upload all forms of digital media including videos, images, documents, music, and editorial content.  All of the content uploaded to a brag.me website is represented in its visual form.

Creating a presence online and communicating one's abilities, interests, experiences, and goals provides a wonderful opportunity to reach targeted and expansive markets.  At brag.me we pride ourselves on providing people the best tool and most user friendly experience on the web.

Brag.me allows users to upload and link to a wide variety of file formats without the need of cumbersome conversion tools, letting users concentrate on what's most important, the content.

Users can upload documents, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, videos, including direct links through YouTube and Vimeo, Images, Music, and text.  With a fully array digital files to choose from, brag.me webpages can be made with vibrant multimedia to provide a powerful and dynamic visual presentation.