"We believe, every person has at least one idea, story, thought or dream that could change the world... "

The World Ideas, Stories, Thoughts and Dreams Compendium project began late in 2009. The free access databases provide a unique place to collect, publish and share all those personal stories and thoughts which we tend to keep to ourselves but may actually be of great benefit to the community.

The compendia is now open for free entry and the public is being encouraged to start contributing. It represents the first dynamic and public element in their two fold plan to change the way we all use the web.

Dr Nelson said today "This exciting project may completely redefine how we search, use, share and explore the resources of internet and social networking". The second part of the project is due for beta release at the end of October. The Brainspace.me personal journal member site is designed to provide a secure personal space with advanced and powerful new tools for the exploration and recording of thoughts, ideas, creative writing and dreams.

It occurred to the people at Brainspace.me that many of the social networking sites provide a great place for people to communicate and share their feelings, personal experiences and ideas but there was no real way of recording or cross referencing the information in a scientific or research form that could be stored and shared with the greater community.

Brainspace.me wanted to create a place where the best of our human, mental, social and emotional intelligence and life experiences could be stored and explored, not just wasted in momentary blog or forum posts. If you think about it, there is no other place available online to do this. Yet we all have good ideas for solving problems and profound thoughts that ought to be shared, we all hold intelligent hopes for the future and we all dream at night too, these are all part of the greater experience of being human.

In a way, these compendia and the coming member journals offer a place to add and develop a global mind space, not just a wiki, more a global memory if you like. New search, explore, link and share tools are being developed by brainspace.me to allow people to travel through the information intuitively, rather than just the traditional narrow key word approach, allowing the dynamic linking of one thought or idea of story or even dream to another. Providing a cloud based web of ideas and information that could change the way we search for information or explore a topic.

Unlike facebook or other social network sites, the Brainspace.me site is being designed as a personal tool, a place you visit to develop ideas, create or plan personal projects or record thoughts or emotions or links. An extension of your own brain online.

Using any web capable device or smartphone you will be able to choose to share parts of your space with whomever you choose without the limits of an artificial one size fits all ‘friend’ base. The information is the prime focus for creating connections and sharing. The next step beyond social networking? They like to call it 'cloud computing for the mind'.

The project is accepting entries and assembling data over the next 6 months. Dr Nelson emphasized… “We need people to get involved in this major project now. It is being developed as a true benefit to us all rather than just a few. We have exciting plans for its further development and the tools we’ve developed for cross sharing and cross linking are revolutionary with spectacular implications for how we all communicate online, but like many startups we need financial support and partners to work with to make it all happen ”

Media contact:
Dr Andrew Nelson