The Branching Minds platform is a web-based platform designed to  empower learners by:
1.     leveraging the learning sciences (cognitive science, developmental psychology, education research) to identify a student’s learning strengths and challenges (“Issue Identification”);
2.     employing a recommendation engine to match the student’s needs to the most effective learning supports (interventions/accommodations) and assessments for him/her, as well as guidance regarding their implementation (“Support & Assessment Recommendation”);
3.     and providing an easy mechanism for collaboratively monitoring and communicating progress with teachers, parents and students (“Progress Monitoring & Reporting”).

The Branching Minds tool is rooted in the latest academic research on understanding learning challenges, as well as robust experiential knowledge of teacher experts.  The following set of core beliefs drive our work, and serve as the framework upon which our platform is built:
●     There is no average learner.
●     Empathy and understanding are the mindsets at the heart of supporting all students.
●     Differentiation and intervention are necessary to support all students.
●     Teachers need help to identify, understand, and plan for the diverse needs of all students.
●     Advancements in the learning sciences, education research, and technology have made it possible to provide that level of help so that all teachers can support every learner.

It is our mission is to support all kinds of learners, by helping teachers, parents and the students themselves, to better understand and address all learning challenges, in whatever form they manifest.