With so much misinformation on the web regarding branded title vehicles, ResurWRECKED Media LLC is dedicated to right this wrong. Here, we celebrate these vehicles and want to empower this industry to rightfully expand. In order to accomplish this, we work to publish and share the truth regarding why everyone should buy a branded title vehicle today.

We have many channels to make this dream a reality. ResurWRECKED Radio is a podcast that will feature many branded title giants who will share their wisdom and expertise in this industry. ResurWRECKED magazine will feature engaging articles aimed at featuring these amazing companies who spend many hours meticulously ensuring that these cars are ready to find a new home.

Additionally, we've launched BrandedMarketplace.com to provide an all-in-one platform where suppliers can sell their inventory and consumers can find the best car to match their needs.

In short, we are the voice of the branded title vehicle industry!