At Brandler-London we design and build bespoke, fitted furniture specialising in the use of reclaimed wood. Our focus is on quality, design, and functionality. Whether it’s a wardrobe, a kitchen, an indoor treehouse, a flat conversion or an entire block redevelopment, our ethos remains the same: to design and build visually stunning projects, using raw materials, creating beautiful, highly textured centerpieces and captivating living spaces.

Each completed project is discreetly etched with the Brandler-London logo along with a unique reference number. This identifies each individual piece with a description of its history, disclosing the variety of wood used, where it was sourced, its age, and the date of repurpose, giving each piece a clear provenance. This, combined with our joinery skills and in-house supplies of rare and rustic reclaimed wood mean we closely control each element of the project, guaranteeing an efficient and stress-free process for our clients.

We welcome any project – commercial or residential; large or small – where the aim is a bespoke reclaimed wood finish. Our passion for craftsmanship and creative projects are why we do this. We’d love to help transform your vision into a reality.