brandsandtags.com and Chuck Ingersoll create memorable names and meaningful taglines. Branding that differentiates organizations, products and services from the competition and elevates and extends their key messaging to prospects and customers.

As we say on our Web site: Does your product, service or organization stand out from the crowd? Do people know not just what you are, but how and why you are different and better?  To achieve these objectives, you need to achieve resonant, congruent differentiation. You gain all this, and more, through the creation of a creative, catchy advertising slogan or tagline combined with a memorable, powerful name                    

With over 20 years experience in naming, branding, business, service and product slogan and tagline creation – for companies ranging from Kodak to Pepsi to Bud's Hots – we can provide you with effective marketing distinction to set you apart and establishes your product, service or business as different and better. It's world-class identity, branding and positioning at a friendlier price.

A small sampling of our work...
Bausch & Lomb Predator Sunglasses: Stalk the Sun
Kodak Friendship Prints: One to keep, one to share.
Vestopia: Real Investors. Real Money. Real Time.

ForcePower (line of heavy duty cleaning products)
Peak Performance (attic sprinkler system from Tyco)
Centenium; Reunion; Sylvan; Oxford (office furniture lines from Hardwood House)
Distilled Wisdom (newsletter name for Constellation Brands)
Thanks a Latte (coffee and espresso bar)
ASAP Air (jet rental/partnership program)

Dream It. Find It. Love It. (for online furniture site: furniture.ie)
Making your practice perfect (marketing program to opticians for Bausch & Lomb)
Street smart, dead certain – and – Choose wisely, live longer (for LaserMax gun sights)
Laugh. Cry. Remember. (for WYLF, music-of-your-life format radio station)
The Bank with Human Interest (for Central Trust)
It’s not the media, it’s the motion (for company offering portable billboard on trucks)

For powerful, memorable names and catchy, creative, meaningful slogans for businesses, products, and services, please contact us at www.brandsandtags.com