We are Asia’s leading integrated brand and marketing consultancy. In 2008, our Founder and CEO, Saurabh Uboweja left Citigroup to pursue his passion and step into the world of entrepreneurship. With a team of 5, he set up the first office of Brands of Desire in New Delhi, the capital city of the world’s youngest and largest democracy. As a team, we are free-spirited and passionate about our work. We build and serve our masterful solutions with love, helping you to discover your truths. Branding means being you and the world adjusts. And that is what we help you to be. We use skillful and creative marketing to spread the word out and share what makes you invaluable. In a span of 9 years, we have crossed borders and expanded our reach to Europe and the Middle East. Everyone we meet asks us the same question what is our inspiration & our answer is as an organization, we want to enhance the brand equity of India through our work. Directly or indirectly. We are EPIC! Quite literally. Empathy, passion, integrity and collaboration are at the heart of our organisation. Along the way, these brand values have helped shape our work culture, our brand personality, us. A core of four forged to guide our being, today and forever.We promise clarity, direction, speed and growth. In that order. At BoD, we help you make sense of the world of branding. We dedicate ourselves to simplifying your business so that it becomes enjoyable and effortless for you to do every day. We unlock value creation and enable endless possibilities for you to grow. And, when we see our intent getting realized, we know that we are successful.