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Dr. Brantley's #1 best-selling book, "The Cure: Heal Your Body, Save Your Life," is the culmination of many years in clinical research. Dr. Brantley's groundbreaking findings and his years of working with nutritional healing have helped numerous people with serious illness. His case studies illustrate that it is possible to heal the body naturally, even when diagnosed with serious illness such as cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and more.

Dr. Brantley has made numerous appearances on "The Rachel Ray Show," sharing his extensive knowledge about the healing powers of foods. His recent and upcoming appearances on "Rachel Ray," the "Montel Williams Show" and Dr. Pat's syndicated radio program unveil Dr. Brantley's secrets for health to a wide audience. His magnetic personality, clinical experience and extensive research in the field of health, nutrition and herbs, plus his Roadmap Back to Balance™ make Dr. Brantley the perfect messenger to educate the public and transform the health of this nation.

Dr. Brantley is a member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association. He worked with countless clients, many declared "incurable" by their medical doctors. He also has been an independent researcher and lecturer, proving his theories in practice and guiding his clients and audiences back to the understanding that they have the power to heal themselves naturally.

Born and raised in Miami, Dr. Brantley was drawn to medical alternatives and nutrition as a young teenager when his mother was diagnosed with cancer. After years of watching her struggle and die in unbearable pain, there were no answers from the medical community to his innocent question, "Why does my mother have cancer?" A short time later, his father died suddenly of a heart attack. His parents' early death and his own serious health issues, labeled "incurable" by medical doctors, sent him on a path to save his own life, understand why illness occurs and help others achieve optimal health.

After college, Dr. Brantley moved to Los Angeles to further his career in natural healing. His documented case studies revealed patterns of diet and lifestyle that consistently lead to specific ailments. Through painstaking testing, he learned how his clients' bodies could reverse the damage when given supportive nutrients found in nature. Even more revolutionary, he discovered a step-by-step program that combined natural foods, specific waters and his own personally designed herbal formulas to encourage the body to rebalance its own internal environment, enabling the body's natural defenses to reverse disease and create authentic health.

Continually researching his client's health challenges enabled Dr. Brantley to uncover these exciting breakthroughs, which he now shares with the public through his book, unique herbal formulas, media appearances, public speaking and his website, www.BrantleyCure.com. With the nation crippled by an overwhelming expansion in serious illness and obesity and a failed drug/medical system, his mission is to empower people to cure themselves, demonstrating simple yet powerful solutions to even the most devastating health problems. His work is a glowing example of the principle stated by Hippocrates, "Let thy medicine be thy food, and thy food thy medicine."