Brass Fittings India Brass Screws & Fasteners supports production of Brass electrical components fasteners screws Bolts Nuts hardware parts  and special custom made Brass parts.

Brass Fittings India is professionally managed company produces huge range of products like Brass Machine Screws,Brass Fasteners,Brass Wood screws,Brass Hinges,Brass Anchors,Brass Nuts,Lock Nuts,Brass hex nuts,Brass cable glands,Brass
Anchors,Brass Battery Terminals,Brass Bearing Hinges,Brass Mirror Screws,Copper Lugs,Copper Terminals,Copper Cable Lugs Copepr Cable Terminals,Brass Fittings,Stainless Steel Fittings,Copper Castings,Bronze Fittings,Bronze Casting,bolts Brass nuts Brass fasteners,Hardware Electricals,Electronics Accessories,Auto Parts and all kinds of Brass screws & Other Precision Turned Components.