Brave Books Press was born out of a desire to develop books that encourage and captivate the imagination.  "Jon-Lorond Saves the Day" is our first publication.

A super hero is supposed to save the day, but how can seven-year-old Jon-Lorond protect his family when his mother insists he behave?

“Jon-Lorond was not your ordinary little boy. In fact, from the time he sprang out of bed in the morning, until his mom pulled his boots off at night, Jon-Lorond knew that he was special. That he was destined for greatness. After all he was a super hero.”

We follow Jon-Lorond through one of his extraordinary, yet ordinary, days that doesn’t go quite as he had planned. Jon causes grief in the library, takes down the queue at the bank, and then wreaks havoc in the grocery store. To make matters worse, his mom thwarts all his attempts to protect her from the pirates that lurk around every corner of his imagination. Could any day feel less heroic? Just when all hope is lost, a damsel’s cry for help springs him back into action. Will his training prepare him for what he is about to face? Will he finally be the hero he knows he can be?

I really love children’s books and I love reading them to my children. When my girls were little we read Fancy Nancy, Ladybug Girl, and Pinkalicious. Eloise, Olivia, Madeline, and Molly Lou Mellon.

Then I had boys. Two of them. While they are both huge Fancy Nancy fans I was discouraged when I tried to find a children’s picture book where the boy was the imaginative, funny, and intelligent protagonist. You know, the hero of the story. A book where my little men could learn that boys knew big words and still had the ability to save the day. A book that celebrated the special qualities that makes a little boy unique.

That is where the idea of Jon-Lorond began. For the last two years I have been writing and re-writing, going to conferences, getting feedback, re-writing, and trying to find a home for my beloved book. After exhausting all my options. I tried again. And again.

Finally, I decided to try this publishing thing one more time, only this time taking a different route to the finish line. Self-publishing. I am partnering with a very talented artist, Luke Flowers, to bring the world of Jon-Lorond to life. But I need your help. Without you this story will not get told.