Brave New Chinese is a comprehensive and truly revolutionary system for the Chinese language. All of the modules are totally new and very useful for learning Chinese. They are:

  • Alphanumese: A Chinese pronunication key system using 26 English alphabets and 9 numbers (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9) to represent all the Chinese sound elements. They do look extremely friendly to English speakers. That makes it a superb Chinese pronunciation key system for the western world.
  • Abcedese: A new Latinized scripting method for Chinese. It is designed to be totally compatible with English phonics so that such scripting method does not work against user's English phonics instincts, such the Chinese Pinyin system.
  • Dualese: A new Chinese character script that includes Alphanumese script (without special font, just plain alphabets and numbers) at the bottom of each word. This is going to be the ultimate Chinese learning aid, as users can always pronounce each and every Chinese word by looking at the pronunciation keys at bottoms of words.
  • Namesake Input Method: There are over 700 Chinese input methods in the market. None of them can achieve what our input method can do - total transparency with English. Users can literally write English and Chinese together without ever having to do 'mode switching'. See this video to witness how easy writing Chinese can be. This input method outputs both normal Chinese and Dualese Chinese. And it writes both Alphanuese and Abcedese, all using the same input method (with different output option).
  • Brave New Chinese is not just a new business. It is really the fountain head of a bona fide language revolution. It is a game changer for anyone who wants to learn Chinese.