Brayola helps you to discover your next favorite bra without having a “fit” (no need for measuring or pulling your hair out)! We understand that shopping for a bra can be one of the most tedious tasks to accomplish and it’s hard to find a bra that fits and looks amazing. Every woman has a different size, shape, and taste, so working these elements into your bra search can be tiresome--and more often than not--leave you empty-handed.

If this describes your bra shopping experience, then you’re just like us: searching for somewhere to go with all your bra options laid out that meet your size, shape, and taste requirements. This is exactly what we do at Brayola.

So how do we do this? Remember when we said you’re unique when it comes to your bra needs? Well, that’s only half true. In the words of Founder Orit Hashay, “Although we’d like to think we are unique, and we are, some parts of us are similar to other women around the world. Somewhere out there, there are women that have my size, shape, style, and taste...”

For these reasons, in order for your to discover your next perfectly-fitting bra, we “match” you with other women who are adding their favorite bras that they already own to their Brayola drawers (just like you). With these other women’s help, we design for you a personal bra shop based on shared tastes and sizes so we can find you new bras to love. With Brayola you won’t leave empty-handed!