Bread and Circuses Inc. is comprised of music industry veterans and professionals that have united as a result of the music businesses' current, challenging and rapidly changing environment.

This in addition to the apparent necessity and our cause to share independent, 'new music' with the world over.

We are award winning sound engineers, producers, seasoned booking agents, publicists/press agents, radio pluggers, esteemed video promoters, road tested tour managers, merchandisers, musicians, creative filmmakers, graphic designers, diligent street team organizers and more...If you can think it, we can build it.

Given the current state of the industry, the need for an artist to have a complete and competent team is perhaps greater now than any other period in history.

In today's current climate an artist needs to operate like a small business and any successful business employs a strong, communicative and results-oriented team.

Bread and Circuses Inc. is the artists' innovative team of today and the future.


Bread and Circuses specialize in discovering and representing emerging and veteran independent artists that wish to flourish and grow in a sustainable and affordable manner.

Bread and Circuses offers a unique opportunity for artists to utilize a 'one stop shop' for their music industry needs. Our 'one stop shop' features an ever-expanding and vast suite of services, therefore, eliminating the tedious process, time and typical high costs associated with an artist hiring, building and or training a support team; with or without a record labels support.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Management & consulting
Public relations
Tour booking (licensed and bonded)
Video promotion
Radio promotion
Social media promotion
Copywriting / web presence
Distribution, through The Orchard, a wholly owned subsidiary of SONY.
... and more.

Bread and Circuses Inc. is literally breaking the mold of traditional label support and empowering artists to wholeheartedly take charge of their career.

With over half of the world's releases coming from independent artists, it's time for a new, sustainable model...

...and Bread and Circuses Inc. is leading the charge.

"Bread and Circuses, one of the top music consulting firms in the USA"
             ~ Music-News.com


Our first step was to identify, understand and effectively overcome the inherent challenges the independent artist faces today...as well as answer some unanswered questions.

How do I get better gigs and attendance?
How do I attract a reliable booking and press agent?
How do I land a distribution or record deal, or get more out of my current label?
How do I grow beyond where I'm at right now? Etc etc...

We've answered these questions by providing something different than the traditional record deal, or dated DIY effort.

As an independent artist with or without a label, the artist often must pay exorbitant amounts of money to hire a  complete team or do nearly everything themselves.This is simply not sustainable.

Instead, Bread and Circuses' deploys a 'one stop shop', campaign-based approach allowing our artists' to enjoy a competent and seasoned team, for a fraction of the typical investment.

Also, our 'one stop shop' approach vastly improves team communication and accountability over the typical practice of hiring multiple entities.

The aforementioned, coupled with field-tested and proprietary strategies is how Bread and Circuses' clients are able to blaze a sustainable path.