BreakBeat Energy was started by soundFLUX (James Crawford) in January of 2004 as a small crew of DJ's in the Washington, DC region that focused on performing at nationally acclaimed club nights, events, and venues.  By 2009, soundFLUX had developed BreakBeat Energy into a digital label with a strong commitment towards releasing cutting edge music produced by the underground artists of the mid-atlantic region.

Upon securing a partnership with Symphonic Distribution, a digital content distributor based out of Florida; BreakBeat Energy is now looking forward to unprecedented growth.  The artists and musicians who release their creative works under BreakBeat Energy Music are now distributed worldwide to approximately 30 MP3 digital download stores such as iTunes, Rhapsody, Jamvana, DJ Download, and Track It Down just to name a few.  A full list of retail partners can be discovered at: www.breakbeatenergy.com

When asked, "What does the future hold for BreakBeat Energy Music and the eclectic creative talents involved?"  soundFLUX replies, "The future is now and history is in the making."