At Break Of Dawn, we believe that each individual is potential waiting to happen. As a supportive and encouraging group, we help to 'break through' barriers that hinders success!  By identifying, developing and reaching one's potential we break through fear, anxiety, depression and lack of hope. These hindrances 'clog up' a person's potential and the world may never get to see a light within them that was meant to be a beacon for others.

Anyone can achieve greatness with support, encouragement and guidance.   Our team consists of some of the best, dedicated, non-judgmental professionals from all across the globe who have made it a priority to do what they can to see you succeed.

At Break Of Dawn International, we aim to provide affordable resources, expertise and support through various and accessible platforms.  We are interested in your well-being and how we can help you to be the best you for yourself, your family and loved ones.