What do we do at Breeze Integrated Marketing?

It really comes down to two things:

Solving problems.  And maximizing opportunities.
Achieving these outcomes requires the right skill set, insight and experience, and a well stocked toolbox.

These are some of the tools we use:

Situation analysis.
Where are you now?  We take the time to find out.

Is your market where you think it is? We help make sense of the metrics, and determine which metrics make sense.

Where do you want to be?  We’ll get you there.

Strategic Planning.
How will you get there?  The answers aren’t always obvious.  We’ll help anticipate problems and devise creative solutions.

What does the consumer believe about your company?  What do your employees believe?  We’ll show you how to go from mere “customer retention” to passionate “loyalty”.

Does your strategy call for excellent graphics?  Award-winning writing?  Web site expertise?  Whatever is required, we have the resources.

Online, print, electronic?  Traditional or non-?  Our recommendations are consistent with your strategy.  And we’ll manage the media campaigns — and reps — so you can attend to your business!

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