B&R Enterprises,Ltd is a10 year old Marketing Consulting company with the mission of helping people  SAVE MONEY, MAKE MORE MONEY through financial education to create Wealth in every aspect of life.

This is the reason we became a part of Financial Destination, Inc. (FDI).  For over the last 5 1/2 year has help build a Team of successful leaders helping the change lives all accross America.

As a Senior Marketing Director in FDI we are  now able to market FDI Voice with Hands Free  Texting, Calling & Data while driving.   17 State has banned Texting and driving and more coming.  We are on a crusade to Save Lives.  To fine out an all of what FDI has to offer go to www.fdirep.com/103177.

You can also call Brenda at 1-877-229-9391 for more information.

Sincere Thanks