Brian Danzinger serves the residents of Green Bay and District 11. We did not seek reelection in the 2016 Green Bay City Council race, but will continue to stay committed to our volunteer efforts.

Join us as we take a "Hands On" approach to serving something greater than ourselves.I look forward to working with you in developing these partnership and solutions that will help make for a better community. Focusing on Your Neighborhoods and Community, I firmly believe that the role of an Alderperson is to be dedicated to serving something greater than one's self and prioritizing the vision and needs of their community.

As a civic leader, I've learned there is a desire for an active voice in District 11 - someone who listens to your concerns and works with other council members to develop a safe, healthy, and thriving Green Bay. I am not going to pretend that I can change the entire landscape of Green Bay overnight, but I will serve as a dedicated steward, giving you a voice for a prosperous Green Bay.