Brickmania South Florida is a LEGO® themed annual family event, featuring STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities and a Design Contest.

Objective: Brickmania hopes to inspire and cultivate young minds in the way of new technical and scientific inventions and innovations for future generations.

Activities: Student Activity Tables & Robotic Demonstrations will be open for children of all ages. Students will participate in exciting STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) educational activities that promote spatial concepts, introduce cause-and-effect, improve dexterity, and reinforce problem solving. Programs of this nature provide an amazing learning opportunity for children, as they spark their interest in science and math, possibly leading to careers in science down the road.

Design Contest: Students (Pre-K through Grade 8) are given an opportunity to build an individual original creation from LEGO® bricks at home and bring in for judging. See Rules and FAQs sections for details.