SDG OLYMPICS                         FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 2020 Apr 06
A BPD Venture

SDG-OLYMPICS Announces Mission in Support of International Day of Sport (UN–IDSDP)
SDG-OLYMPICS Lauds IDSDP; and aims to create a powerful coalition between the UN, FIFA, IOC, & ICC to Bring Together Sports and Planetary Sustainability

Toronto, Canada & New York, NY: Today, SDG-OLYMPICS, announced their Mission is ‘To Ignite & Accelerate, Continuous & Sustainable Development for a Better Planet for All Life’ in support of the United Nations’ International Day of Sport for Development & Peace (IDSDP), an annual event since 2014

The UN recognises that Sport is a universal language, uniting groups and nations across divides; and that Sport is an important enabler of Sustainable Development because Sport empowers youth, promotes good health and deepens UN values such as equality, mutual respect and fair play while driving social change and meeting Millennium Development Goals, thus helping spread messages of peace.

Sport has the potential to advance human rights, eliminate barriers and promote global solidarity in a way that is fun, exciting, entertaining, and passionately followed across age, class, creed, and wealth; and thus, the IDSDP encourages all sport events and initiatives that the United Nations officially recognizes.

Despite the current health challenge faced, IDSDP remains a great opportunity for the sport and development community to showcase the ways sport has been helping countries, communities and individuals to live peaceful, prosperous lives.

SDG-OLYMPICS gratefully acknowledges the UN-IDSDP initiative for harnessing the power of Sport to keep humanity focussed on better post-pandemic futures for the Planet.

SDG-OLYMPICS was conceived by our sponsors with twin objectives …,
1.     … To further emphasize the core-importance of Sports; that “Sports is Core to Sustainability”, and
2.     … To accelerate innovation in Sustainable Development technologies across the world by engaging & powerfully activating the world’s largest audiences (as found at the Olympics and World Cups) with the Prestige, Cachet & Distinction of the UN such that “Sustainability is At the Heart of Sports”, in order to create a perpetual endowment for pre-eminent Awards akin to ‘Nobel Prizes for SDG accomplishment’

Our plan is to bestow this honour amidst athletic glory at the level of Heads-of-State with Grand Finales at the Olympics and World Cups, thus creating Planetary-scale outreach with Excitement and World Unity via Sport.  

SDG-OLYMPICS is a BridgePort Developments (BPD) Venture, with input & co-operation from the Society & Diplomatic Review (SADR)

The SADR magazine (sadrmedia.com) is respected in diplomatic circles, UN HQ and Missions, foreign Embassies and Consulates worldwide as well as high-ranking society, corporate leaders, powerful public relations firms, and NGOs

BridgePort Developments (BPD – http://bridgeportdevelopments.com/about-bridgeport-developments/) serves as

(i)     A Master Developer that oversees the creation of what will be in a network-mesh of ‘VITAL STARR © ‘Communities of Tomorrow’ for a Better Planet, viz., [V]ibrant [I]nterconnected [T]ransformative [A]ffordable [L]arge-scale Communities – via - [S]ustainable [T]echnologies for [A]ttractive [R]apid [R]esilient Housing to create decentralized, regenerative, resilient neighbourhoods at the intersection of food, water, energy and waste to resource management; and

(ii)     A Catalyst Fund for Exponential Projects which address Global Grand Challenges/ Sustainable Development Goals that show measurable social impact on a Billion lives in 10 years while creating significant ‘Profit with Purpose’ – https://bit.ly/catfundpdf  

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact

Anand Murthy
SDG Olympics/ BridgePort Developments
702 582-8567