Bright Crescent Sky has five books in various stages of completion:

“Innate Hostility.” Circumstance draws Hamilton Cole Davis and Kevin McKuel into the world of money laundering in “Innate Hostility” and they must overcome nearly insurmountable odds with law enforcement, criminal elements and artificial intelligence all in pursuit. Cole must reignite the hostility from a deep, dark, and buried secret from his childhood upbringing for his very survival. Kevin must transgress the bounds of his comfortable introverted existence to use his skills as a cyber assassin to thwart artificial intelligence, mastermind commodities market manipulations, and expose a monolithic money laundering operation.

“Immanent Hostility.” Clandestine operations of the Quarish Unity must be protected and anyone that is a threat mysteriously dies; including news reporters, CIA agents, and anyone suspected of having any knowledge of the secret organization.  Cole and Kevin make the list and are drawn into the world of terrorism with an unthinkable consequence. They must solve the puzzle and draw on their individual strengths as the threat of  “Immanent Hostility” looms over  Israel and the United States.

“Invited Hostility.”  The horrific torture and murder of an eleven-year-old girl lures Cole to investigate when he realizes he had seen the perpetrators. The intertwined trail expands into the international world of top secret and ominous satellite capabilities. Cole responds with “Invited Hostility” as he seeks the single-most individual responsible and discovers real and abhorrent reason for the young girls death. Kevin unknowingly has troubles of his own for computer transgressions and the duo find themselves overwhelmed and struggling for their very survival.

“Leadership – Plain and Simple.”  Short fictional, and entertaining, stories from the work place shed light on good and bad aspects of leadership. The focus is on getting the most out of every employee and mid-level leader by implementing a business philosophy  that embraces empowerment, expectations, and ownership.

“Bloody Mary Tours.”  Comical series of tales while in pursuit of the ultimate Bloody Mary.