Brighter Tomorrow Limited UK has its roots in the petition for an animal abuse register started by Maxine Berry in November 2015. Maxine started the petition after reading a heart-wrenching story about Chunky the Chihuahua who was savagely abused but survived.  

From her hard work, with the support of her husband Brian Berry, they collected nearly 500,000 with approximately 90% of the signatures coming from the United Kingdom calling for an animal abuse register that would have longer sentences and register those convicted of animal cruelty, similar to animal abuse registers in the United States. At the end of March 2016 the petition was ultimately submitted to DEFRA.

Their work did not stop after submitting the petition. Next Maxine and Brian moved to work with Welsh Assembly member Bethan Jenkins, the Green Party and raised funds for the continued care of Chunky.

Maxine and Brian soon realised they could not indefinitely support the campaign for an animal abuse register and started Brighter Tomorrow Limited UK.

Brighter Tomorrow Limited UK is a limited company in the United Kingdom that is founded on the belief family is the most important thing in our lives. Furthermore, Brighter Tomorrow takes the idea of family one step further to include the family pet and Brighter Tomorrow believes pets are not property. Instead Brighter Tomorrow believes in the concept of being a guardian and that having a pet is for their lifetime.

Therefore, Brighter Tomorrow is committed to the social cause of implementing an animal abuse register along with removing barriers for pet owners and strengthening the laws regarding animal cruelty.

Finally Brighter Tomorrow believes for the United Kingdom to be a fair and just society it must protect its most vulnerable by giving them a voice too. Only by protecting the most vulnerable can fairness and safety be accomplished.