The BKC is a forum for bright, highly intelligent or gifted children.

Children with above average intelligence often have both the best and the worst of worlds. Their natural ability allows them to see further and think faster than the majority, and in many areas of life that is a positive thing. It can, however, also be a curse. These children get bored very quickly, they have trouble socialising with the average children around them, often feeling left out and alone.

Bright Kids Club (BKC) provides a community for them to socialise with other children of above average intelligence. Here they discover that there are others with the same advantages and the same social problems. They get an opportunity to challenge and be challenged, to experience the stimulation and encouragement that has been lacking in their daily lives.

Most bright kids feel different. By interacting with others like them, they will realise that they are not alone and that there are, in fact, many like them. This enables them to accept their "differentness" as a positive attribute, which can lead to improved self esteem, plus greater peace and contentment in their lives.

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