Brijwasi Bakery has been in the bakery business from past many years. It began as a simple business and with our dedicated team of enthusiastic, innovative and imaginative minds, we have progressed from simplistic bread/cakes suppliers for residential purposes to extravagant cookies/customized cakes manufacturers & party stalls , etc.
Brijwasi Bakery is a one-stop shop for cakes, determined to offer the very best in variety and service. What's special about Brijwasi is the extraordinary taste it gives to, in order to delight its Customers.
Brijwasi Bakery is Lucknow`s premier cakes and cookies manufacturer reputed for its warm, dependable and personalized service. With years of experience, it offers an ever blooming range of Bakery services for every conceivable need .We also deliver cakes, chocolates, pasteries and biscuits, depending on the location.