Brittanie's Thyme is a women-owned business that manufactures USDA certified organic personal care products. The company's production facility is located in Cedar Springs, MI and all products are made in the USA.

Product lines include:

Mindful Beauty, organic skin care for women with Organic Citrus Facial Cleanser, Organic Everyday Moisturizer, Almond Oatmeal Facial Scrub, Almond, Oat & Yogurt Facial Scrub, Organic Balancing Toner, Organic Night Time Restorative Serum, French Green Clay with White Tea, Organic Acne Treatment and Organic Sweet Almond Oil with Vitamin E.

Facial Freedom, organic skin care for Generation Y and men. This line was formulated specifically for consumers that are looking for safe, effective, organic products that work to protect and balance the skin's natural defenses. This line includes: Organic Citrus Facial Cleanser, Almond Oatmeal Facial Scrub, Organic Protective Moisturizer, Organic Gentle Toner and Organic Acne Treatment.

Outdoor Harmony provides biodegradable, organic insect repellent and organic bug bite relief as well as the O'FRED, Organic Flea Repellent Entertainment Device (a cat toy that repels fleas through play). The Organic Insect Repellent does not contain citronella, is USDA certified organic and and is safe for all ages and pets. It smells wonderful, will not stain clothes and most importantly, is highly effective.

Full Breath, is the company's line of organic cold and sinus relief. The Organic Sinus Relief Pillow is a small sachet that is placed inside the users pillow case at night. The herbs and essential oils aid in alleviating sinus congestion during sleep. This product is so effective that is is the reason that one of the owners, Yvonne Petterson, invested in Brittanie's Thyme and became an owner. The Organic Sweet Dreams Pillow is another small sachet that is placed inside a pillow case at night and relaxes the user and helps induce sleep. The Cold Comfort Crystals are sea salt crystals infused with essential oils. The jar is simply opened and placed next to anyone suffering from a cold and/or cough. The aromatherapy eases chest congestion and can help quell coughs.

The company's mission is to broaden the consumer base for organic personal care by maintaining affordable prices, while providing effective products using the hightest quality ingredients available.