We are a webdesign and marketing company in Clearwater, FL. We have been in businesses for 17 years specializing in non-traditional advertising. At Strategic Media, we work hard to understand your company’s needs in regards to budget, web design look and feel, and corporate branding objectives as well as online marketing and advertising goals. However you approach it, we understand that the goal for any successful company is to make a profit. It is not usually one thing alone that will make a company profitable online. It may start with your mobile website arriving at the top of an Internet search in St Pete, Sarasota or Orlando for a search term that finds a customer at the peak of their buying interest. It will certainly be found in the proper look and the best web design which converts that Internet search to a sale. It may also materialize when the consumer takes that next step to research the company and its owners. The consumer in that Internet search should find Internet news and information that is a positive reflection of the company’s values. The long term result of all these strategic media tactics, if done well, will result in online corporate branding where consumers will look for your company by name and refer their friends to you.