The uninsured or the underinsured motorcycle accident victims who find themselves at the mercy of the health-care system can be left with few options.  A crippling hospital bill can be insurmountable.   Broken Rider Relief can provide the pathway to a financial recovery for many in this situation.  

Two-wheel motorized conveyances provide an exhilarating, practical and rewarding experience, however also present a set of risk factors that have far-reaching effect on those participants when things go wrong.  The motorcycle culture approaches these risks and their circumstances with varied levels of acceptance, preparation and responsibility.  It’s an unfortunate fact that motorcycle accidents result in life-changing physical and financial circumstances, to a much higher degree than other forms of recreation and transportation.  

James S. Eyster, the principle at Broken Rider Relief LLC headquartered in Ocala FL is pleased to announce the launch of this innovative charitable funding mechanism which will provide needed financial relief to victims of motorcycle accidents whose backs are against the wall.  A $6,000 cash grant will be funded in six equal monthly payments directly to the medical providers to whom the recipient is indebted.  These awards will be granted to those recipients who qualify based on need, circumstances and their commitment to a life plan utilizing this resource as a means of initiating a financial recovery.  

Initially, the awards will be funded through profits generated by the sale of Broken Rider Relief branded apparel through both direct online sales and wholesale connections with motorcycle clubs, organizations and motorcycle-based consumer establishments  All segments of the motorcycle culture will be represented.  One-third of sales revenue will go directly to the award fund.  As awareness and momentum grow, we will solicit sponsorships within the motorcycle industry and move this into a much higher level of charitable gifting.

Motorcyclists are a tight-knit community with a deep emotional connection to their injured brethren.  An initiative such as Broken Rider Relief will certainly be welcomed with enthusiasm and committed participation.  Expect to hear a lot about Broken Rider Relief wherever motorcycles are seen, sold and clicked on.